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Customer Reviews

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Mackenzie Holliday
Fit perfect!

I ordered the Snorkel Upgrade for my 5th gen 4Runners Dobinson Snorkel. The snorkel fit PERFECTLY! And was very easy and straight forward to install. The insulation tape I ordered with it made for a nice snug fit, and hassle free. Love my new Snorkel Upgrade!

William Rousseau

Perfect product i love it !

Stanley Ortega

Awesome service

Tyler Miller
Seems to be working. Bad communication. Slow shipping.

I ordered my syklone super excited and expected it to fit like a glove. I waited and waited for the shipping - which took almost an entire month.
Once I received the precleaner I went outside to remove the ram intake from my ARB and to fit the new mushroom top.
The ram intake goes far down the head of the snorkel. Several inches.
The syklone maybe goes over an inch down the neck of the snorkel, with it’s final resting place awkwardly high up the neck of the snorkel, leaving the exposed thinner diameter snorkel at the top exposed. It definitely looks a little funny.
The way around this is suggested by Isaac to trim the snorkel down but cutting it. Not something I want to do yet in case I want to switch back to ram intake.
When I went to tighten the filter on the snorkel it wouldn’t stay in place. The snorkel material is slick plastic and the syklone would pop off no matter how tight I wrenched it down.

I had to use some thick waterproof insulation tape and force the filter over that and tighten down to achieve proper figment. Not something I wanted to do after paying $200 for a filter. I figured it would just slide on, tighten down well and not fall off and fit like a glove and look good.
So the only way to achieve proper fit is with simple modifications.

I emailed Isaac several times only to wait days between exchanges trying to figure out why it’s not fitting properly. I couldn’t wait weeks after receiving it for him to contact me so I just fit it to the snorkel the best way I could find and that was with the insulation tape.
Wish they had better customers service.

Another note, the cleaner seems to require more throttle to get the truck moving (Tacoma v6 MT) than the ram intake. Since the air isn’t being forced into the intake. I think my MPG went down 1mpg. This might be just me in my head about it But it sure felt like the truck was ready to go with the air ram intake.

Hope this helps.

Works as advertised

Installed for a 2021 Tacoma. Have been using for months now and it has worked as advertised. No more adjusting the snorkel in heavy rain/dust situations. Keeps the filter box clean as well, prolonging its life and extending time between maintenance of the air filter.