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Happy to help! Most of the time a quick phone call is all you need to cover a questions. Click HERE 

Do you sell snorkel kits?

Yes, we have an always-growing selection of snorkel kit options. Don’t see one for your rig? Email us and let us see if we can help find the right one for you!

What is the difference between Snorkel Kits and Snorkel Head Precleaners?

The Snorkel Kits are the actual kit needed to move your air intake to the raised level. The Snorkel Head Precleaners are replacements for the standard ram air snorkel heads standard with snorkel kits.

Do you charge for shipping? 

Yes we charge $15 flat rate for Snorkel Head Precleaners  orders in the US and a variable rate for others. 

Shipping for Snorkel Kits varies based off snorkel kit.

How do I figure out what precleaner is right for my rig? 

It’s all about CFM. We offer 3 Sy-Klone Series 9000 Precleaners with a range of CFM capacity. 

The 3 units and their CFM range are below:

9001 with a CFM range of 100-275
9001R with a CFM range of 275-350
9005 with a CFM range of 350-500

For some answers on how to match your rig with the right precleaner below are some general recommendations: 

  • For gas motors under 4.8-liters in size, we recommend going with the Series 9001 precleaner. 
  • Diesel motors under 4-liters, the 9001R is recommended.
  • For gas motors over 4.8-liters and under 6.2-liters, the 9001R is recommended. 
  • For gas motors over 6.2-liters, we recommend going with the 9005.
  • Diesel over 4-liters  we recommend going the 9005 

Now that we have the general recommendations out of the way. If you have a motor and it is right on the engine liter size line between let’s say the 9001 and the 9001R, and your motor is aspirated (turbocharged) then we would recommend going with the higher CFM unit. If your motor is let’s say 4.7 liters in size, but it is naturally aspirated, then stick with the 9001. 

We have precleaners in the field on a large variety of vehicles that go in some of the worst locations. If you have any questions on what the right fit is for you, ask us! 

Why is matching the right precleaner with your rig important? 

It’s all based on maximizing particle separation while preventing restriction. So for example, if you are running a gas motor around 3.5 liters in size and you install the 9001R which has an operating range of 275 to 350, your motor will not be pulling enough air to get the full benefits of the  precleaner. This is why we make different sizes for different motors and applications. 

If you get a precleaner that has a CFM range over what your motor is pulling, then your particle separation will not be as effective. 

If you get a precleaner and it is under the CFM range and your motor is pulling more than the range of that precleaner, the precleaner could become compromised and it could cause restriction on your motor. 

Feel free to ask us any questions! 

What’s the deal with inlet sizing!?

Our 9001 and 9001r Sy-Klone Precleaners have a  4-inch in inlet diameter without an adapter. The 9005 Sy-Klone Precleaner has a 5-inch in inlet diameter. We offer reducer adapters for sale individually, but they are primarily sold in bundles with a precleaner. Our reducers adapters are easily inserted in the inlet of the precleaner and then with the precleaner slide over the inlet where the old snorkel head would be located. 

How do I make sure my precleaner is installed correctly? 

You will want to make sure the ejection slit on the dome of your precleaner is facing towards the back of your vehicle. Why is this important? Well this is where the stuff that gets sucked in is ejected out. So this means, you don’t want any airflow resistance happening that could prevent debris from ejecting early and to make sure air is not coming in as your drive which can create airflow issues for the rotor and thus impacting separation efficiency.

Let’s get a little more specific on the location of the ejection slit. If you were to look at a clock with 12 being the front of your vehicle and 6 being the back, your ejection slit should be located around 8 on the theoretical clock. At this location, the ejection slit experiences the least amount of interference. 

The other main point to make sure is that your precleaner and adapter are firmly connected to your snorkel, if you have the need to over tighten, then you might need a different adapter. If you run into this issue please email me at isaac@snorkelupgrade.com 

Shipping, how does it work?

The main carry of choice we use for our US shipping  USPS. Our shipping facility is in St Augustine Florida depending on inventory and supply, most order ship within 10 days or less. If order takes longer than the standard ship time it can be due to one of our factory partners or our small team is out overlanding. Please email me @ isaac@snorkelupgrade.com with any questions regarding shipping or product application.