Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner

Sy-Klone Series 9001R Air Precleaner

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Snorkels vary in INLET SIZE. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR SNORKEL HEAD INLET OUTER DIAMETER. Use the drop-down menu to pick which inlet size adapter is right for you. 

This product is the Series 9001R. Which has a  CFM efficiency range of 275 CFM to  350 CFM. This is for Gas Engines between 4.8 to 6.2 liters displacement size. This also includes diesel motors up to 3.5 liters in displacement. 

Ships on average in less than 72 business hours.

Email with any questions or check out our FAQ section!

Want to see the Snorkle Upgrade precleaner in action? Check out some of the accounts of the rigs shown above and more on Instagram:

@overland_bute Chevy ZR2 Colorado 
@kcsaysngo Toyota Tundra 
@dakartundra Toyota Tundra 

Not all engines are the same and you want to make sure your Precleaner fits your engine like Cinderella's slipper, perfect... or should we say your Cylinderella.

We have run the numbers on CFM consumptions across all types of engines. In fact, it is the science we pride ourselves in. Decades of field testing forged the range of different Series 9000 Precleaners and adaptations to perfectly match the environment and CFM requirements of each engine to maximize particle separation. It's the Spin-Science applied across the design of the Dome and rotor that makes The Sy-Klone Series 9000 the market-leading engine Precleaner*! (or PreFilter*..  potato-potato? ;-p  depending on how you want to say it. )


Adapters are either included in the price of the item or can be purchased separately.  

Want to talk about your rig, share some content with us, or learn more about your CFM consumption?



Easily added to universal snorkel kits like the Safari, RuggedRidge, AEV, Bravo snorkels. With adaptation, it fits almost all snorkel head inlets.

The snorkel Precleaner is a patented technology that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotor inside of its dome to separate particles out of the air before going into your snorkel. 

The pre-cleaner uses the airflow from your engine intake to spin a rotor which creates a cyclone style effect inside the dome pushing large particles to the inner wall of the dome where they are ejected. This makes the worries of rain, snow or lots of dusty on a dry day from coming into your snorkel and clogging your filter go away! With this pre-cleaner, you also don’t need to worry about adjusting your snorkel head or dumping out a pre-cleaner that catches debris.  

    • The Product Series 9000® created by Sy-Klone®   
      • Patented US-made technology
      • Used across all major heavy equipment manufacturers for decades
      • Standard issue on the military Humvee replacement the JLTV 
    • Product compatibility
      • The diameters of snorkel inlets normally range from 3 to 4 inches. 
      • Fits most if not all snorkel kits on the market including, AEV, RuggedRidge, Bravo, Safari, and more.
    • How to install
      • Remove the current head from your snorkel.
      • Measure the inlet after the snorkel head is removed (most cases your inlet will be 3.5 inches or 4 inches). 
      • Put your old snorkel head back on for the time being. 
      • Order your pre-cleaner snorkel upgrade. 
      • Once you have your pre-cleaner remove your old snorkel head.
      • Insert rubber adapter.
      • Place pre-cleaner on the inlet of your snorkel.
      • Tighten down the metal clamp. 
      • Go out on your next off-road adventure knowing you don’t need to worry about rain, heavy dust, snow, and other debris you might find yourself in. 

 Sy-Klone®Series 9000® are registered trademarks of Sy-Klone International. Copyright © 2019 Sy-Klone International.  

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Karim Abouheif
Pre cleaner


You’re missing out!!

For all of you have snorkel what are you waiting for?? This is the best upgrade you can have. I purchased the head mainly because most of the trails in PNW are dusty/heavy dust and this help me a lot i don’t need to worry about cleaning my filter all the time. The snorkel upgrade does the job ejecting all the debris out in the ejection slit just make sure to position it between 7-7:30 o clock. Easy to install and looks bad ass. I also salute Isaac for the best customer service!!!

Brian W.
Easy install, looks and sounds great

Easy install, sounds great when I WOT, looks great, cleaner than my standard snorkel intake, and was shipped fast and packaged well. Nothing to complain about!

M Williams
Huge difference

So, I’ve loved using my snorkel for the occasional river crossing and frequent desert travels but got to the point where I had to clean my air filter after every off-roading trip with the guys. After installing the pre-cleaner it has significantly cut down on the dust/dirt in my filter. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Works great and looks even better!!!

The snorkel is a must have upgrade for any off road vehicle, but I've always felt uneasy about having a forward facing open face directly into the airflow. This pre-filter is EXACTLY what every snorkel should come with. I've been running it for just over 6 months now and it has been fantastic. It takes a bunch of dust running in a group and takes a beating on narrow trails. The pre-filter also stops people from calling your snorkel a "dorkel"