Sy-Klone Series 9005 Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9005 Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9005 Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9005 Air Precleaner
Sy-Klone Series 9005 Air Precleaner

Sy-Klone Series 9005 Air Precleaner

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Snorkels vary in INLET SIZE. PLEASE MEASURE YOUR SNORKEL HEAD INLET OUTER DIAMETER. Use the drop-down menu to pick which inlet size adapter is right for you. 

This product is the Series 9005. Which has a  CFM efficiency range of 350 CFM to 500 CFM. This is for Gas Engines over 6.2 liters displacement size. This also includes diesel motors over 5 liters in displacement. 

Ships on average within 4 to 5 business days or less. Due to the current logistics and supply chain issues, ship dates can vary, but rest assured we do our best to ship as fast as possible. 

This fits a range of Hummer H1s,  Rams, and larger gas and diesel motors. 

Email with any questions! 

Want to see the Snorkel Upgrade precleaner in action? Check out some of the accounts of the rigs shown above  and more on Instagram:

@modmafiallc Hummer 
@_spencerpark_ Ram 2500 

Not all engines are the same and you want to make sure your Precleaner fits your engine like Cinderella's slipper, perfect... or should we say your Cylinderella.

We have run the numbers on CFM consumptions across all types of engines. In fact, it is the science we pride ourselves in. Decades of field testing forged the range of different Series 9000 Precleaners and adaptations to perfectly match the environment and CFM requirements of each engine to maximize particle separation. It's the Spin-Science applied across the design of the Dome and rotor that makes The Sy-Klone Series 9000 the market-leading engine Precleaner*! (or PreFilter*..  potato-potato? ;-p  depending on how you want to say it. )

Adapters are either included in the price of the item or can be purchased separately.  

Want to talk about your rig, share some content with us, or learn more about your CFM consumption? 


The snorkel pre-cleaner is a patented technology that uses the centrifugal force generated by the rotor inside of its dome to separate particles out of the air before going into your snorkel. 

    • The Product Series 9000® created by Sy-Klone®   
      • Patented US-made technology
      • Used across all major heavy equipment manufacturers for decades
      • Standard issue on the military Humvee replacement the JLTV 
    • Product compatibility
      • The diameters of snorkel inlets normally range from 5 to 4.5 inches. 
      • Fits Hmmwv and H1

 Sy-Klone®Series 9000® are registered trademarks of Sy-Klone International. Copyright © 2019 Sy-Klone International.  

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Dust and dirt no more!

Happy? Beyond happy. One of the single best upgrades you can do for your snorkel setup. Not only is my air filter much cleaner but I don’t get water trapped in the snorkel. These guys were quick and efficient with getting my order to me in what seemed like no time at all. Could not recommend snorkelupgrade more if you are looking to get a sy-Klone.